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My Passion Is Dogs
About Me ~ Nadine Chiodini n the Pack

I was born an animal lover with a Passion for Dogs.  
In 1984 I became a Professional Dog Trainer.  I only 
practice positive methods, using voice control and lots of 
love and praise.  I do dog rescue training now.

I became a certified Pet Stylist/Groomer in 1991.  I am 
a graduate of The MO School of Dog Grooming, as well as 
I taught there myself for a year.  I always continue 
to learn new ways & techniques.  From 2000 to date I also 
work as a dog rescuer.  I am not a rescue, I am a temp foster 
home for Chihuahuas, Pugs, Australian Cattle Dogs/Heelers & their mixes.

In 2012 I took dog massage classes from All About Dog Massage so I could help 
my clients even more by teaching You how to massage your own dogs!  
And I have just finished school again in 2013 for Natural Healing Pet Care.  

Experience my level of committment, love and devotion I give to the Dogs.  

When grooming I'll give you expert grooming/pet styling at a very reasonable price, in a stress free, home enviroment and groom your dog with love and care. 

~~ If You Want The Best For Your Special Little Friend ~~ 

Call Nadine at 636-208-5337

I believe in doing a thorough job for a fair price.  I do not charge extra for every little thing.  If your dog needs medicated shampoo, he/she gets it at no extra charge, nails are not only clipped they are filed at no extra charge.  Hair is pulled from the ears, ears are cleaned, ears are dried of water & cotton is put in their ears when they are being blown dry to protect them.  

There is NO extra charge for the furminator/shedx treatment either, that comes free with every grooming & it can benifit most breeds not just double coated dogs.  

I hand massage and wash each dog myself.  A good through hand washing.  
I only groom one dog at a time from start to finish, usually taking about 2 to 2 1/12 hours. Dogs are welcome to stay all day if needed.

The only thing I charge extra for is flea treatments &/or heavy matting, otherwise I do a full grooming at a very reasonable price, doing whatever is needed and best for your dog, using only the best products, shampoos and remoisturizers.

I am not a Vet but I do check your dog over each time & report any changes, lumps, ear infections, etc. to you immediately so you can check it out with your Vet.

I specialize in and exclusively groom small pampered house dogs, under 15 pounds.  
I treat each dog with love and respect.  I work with rescue dogs so I do know how important it is to keep a dog mentally happy even through grooming, which can be very traumatic on a dog.  So if you want a Professional Pet Stylist/Groomer who will love and care about your dog as well as give your dog a great haircut for a reasonable price, give me a try, I always aim to please.  A portion of all my earning goes back towards the rescue dogs.

Limited Openings

Call Me - NADINE     636-208-5337

My Passion Is Dogs

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Nadine n the Pack
My Passion Is Dogs!
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